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Saturday, April 28th 2012

8:09 AM

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Related article: Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 19:07:39 +0100 From: Christopher Chitty Subject: Compassion 21 COMPASSION Chapter 21Slowly, savouring every inch, Michael worked his way down Paul's body, licking and kissing every bit of it. The nipples he sucked for a little while before gently gnawing them."Oh, stop Mike, I'll cum if you do that for long.""Oh good, tell me in time so that I can take another dose of protein."Paul was so happy with that comment, he giggled, lolita panty gallery 1 "Alright, cum slut, do what you like."An extra serious bite and Paul yelped. "Be careful what you say Little Lover, or I might bite it off.""I love it lolita little pussy pics when you call me that. Will you always?""Of course, you'll always be my little lover, but I don't think we can use the word little on this, ever."With that, Mike took Paul's penis as deep into his mouth as he could. For the next hour Paul only came out of orbit twice. To tell Mike about opening him up and to tell him to hold still once he was over one very relaxed sphincter. Before that though Mike worked on the cock and balls before exploring further back. He licked behind the balls, across the perineum and into the crack impacting a very pretty little pinkie. A huge sigh of pleasure from Paul reminded Mike that they were going to 69, but he was having so much fun he didn't remind his brother. He spread Paul's legs wider, bent them right up and attacked the anus, showing no mercy as he tried to tongue fuck it before sliding a slick finger in. The amount of pleasure that he garnered was obvious by the huge orgasm Paul had. Mike lapped it all up before returning to continue where he left off.How could he be doing all this on his first serious foray into gay sex? Looking at his brother all over he knew. At 22, Paul was as cute and sexy as it was possible to be, on top of that he was the lolita little pussy pics sweetest, most caring person he knew. The six years he had been in a wheelchair would have been unbearable if it hadn't been for this little man.He added more fingers, stretching Paul's anus, always being gentle and keeping the eroticism high by using his mouth and hands to play with anything he knew would give his brother bbs lolita image boards pleasure. The glans was a source of incredible pleasure for both of them. Mike found it so erotic letting his tongue play with it, and then dropping down to lick behind the balls, withdrawing his fingers occasionally to allow his tongue to fuck an ever expanding hole. Paul had enjoyed three intense orgasms before Mike lubed his cock and his lover's ass and with Paul's legs bent well back he watched as he pushed his glans over a very relaxed sphincter and held still before Paul told him he could continue. Just sliding slowly all the way in almost made Mike pass out. The feelings screaming around his body brought tears to his eyes. The look on Paul's face was pure ecstasy. Mike fell forward to kiss the sweet lips that he had come to know so well."Oh Mikey, what are you doing to me? I love you so much."Starting a slow fuck, Mike saw Paul slide off to Paradise again. He couldn't last long, but he knew he would do it again straight away. His orgasm made him gasp, but he didn't go soft. It was a long time before the second one came. He felt it boiling up in his balls, sped up his action and took Paul with him for a final orgasm that made them both scream with the intensity of it. Rolling sideways, Mike pulled Paul into a cuddle, stroking his back and buttocks as they both calmed down. Sleep came to them both with Mike still inside Paul and every inch of their bodies touching.Mike woke slowly, his senses picking up that he had another human being almost glued to him with the drying cum between them. He was still inside Paul and the sensation had him hard again. He so wanted to fuck his brother again but their position precluded that and he didn't want to wake this amazing being alongside him. Fully awake he just looked at the face that he could have drawn perfectly from memory. He still looked asleep but suddenly spoke."I can feel it, do it again Mikey, fill me up with your love juice."Mike rolled up onto his elbows before sitting up, raising Paul's legs and spreading them before pushing them back and fucking him with powerful, lustful strokes, bringing both of them to orgasm quickly."I'll never get enough of this Mikey."Mike smiled down at this amazing creature and then laughed."Oh Jesus, Paulie, look at the mess you're bbs lolita image boards in. Dried cum, fresh cum, you look disgusting."Then he fell forward to give his little lover a passionate, I love you kiss."Are we going to do this again and again Mikey? Are you going to be my lover forever?"Mike grinned. "Mmm, I think that's a strong possibility.""Seriously?""Seriously, I think we can forget about girlfriends now."That was enough for a bucket of tears and then a shower."You do realise we've missed supper don't you, and we'll be wasted in the morning after I've made love to you again at least once more before lectures."Paul sniggered, "I don't care. I don't care if we stay in this room until it's time to go home.""Well, that might be difficult, remember we have final exams starting in two days time.""Can I sit on your lap with you inside me while we do them? I'm sure I would get 100% in all of them if we could."Getting back to sleep again after that was easy. Both young men knew that this was right for them and would be their life, as it had been and was for their two dads.They got to do their 69er the next morning and almost floated through final lectures. After that was plenty of loving and final exams that were a breeze."Ok Little Lover, home tomorrow. What are we going to tell the folks?""The truth I guess Mikey. I expect they will be surprised, but we know they aren't going to freak, or throw us out."Mike laughed,"No, I guess not."Two very happy boys almost bounced into the house to be greeted by their dads.Darren was the sensitive one and picked up on the mood of his offspring. He looked at Jack with the look that said, what's going on here. Jack looked now and picked up on it."I don't believe what my eyes are telling me Mike.""Well you'd better Dad because it's true."Then both dads saw it. The way Paul looked at his big brother left no room for doubt."You told me you weren't gay and couldn't do what your brother wanted.""Sorry, I guess I lied, although at the time I didn't know it was a lie. Long story, we'll tell you later. For now just know that our love for each other is now on the same level as you and Pa, and I couldn't be happier Dad, it is so totally awesome I can't understand why I didn't have these feelings before."Over dinner that night Mike told his Dads the story of how he realised his sexuality, at least as far as his brother was concerned.Jack was laughing as he spoke, "You kinky little buggers, a voyeur and an exhibitionist, what on earth have we bred."Mike grabbed Paul in a hug and replied. "You've bred gay sons who are going to go through life like their two dads being totally monogamous, and loving each other forever."Paul melted and Darren looked at the boy who was uncannily like him, not only in looks but in nature as well. He still melted when Jack bbs lolita image boards held him like that."So, where does that leave your future career Michael?""I'm still going to try to get a job for a travel magazine so that I can see the world, I just won't be spending as much time away as I would have done before."Paul looked shocked, they hadn't discussed the future, still being too wrapped up in their new love."You can't, you promised to be with me forever."The dads looked at each other and both winced."If you were my lover, I'd never ask for anything else again, ever. You remember, you said it."Paul nodded and his heart sank."I'm not going away for long periods Paulie, but I have to see the world. little lolita ls nude I'll freelance so that I only work when I want to. I'll only do it for a few years I promise, and then I'll come home for good and we'll build the biggest and best cattle ranch in the state.""Bloody cheek, it is already."Jack had a big grin on his hot young naked lolitas face as he said it so both boys knew they hadn't insulted him."Yeah, we know Dad, what I meant was, we'll make it even better.A little more joshing and then Darren got serious."You had better take time out during the next few days to spend some quality time with both sets of grandparents. I'm sorry to say this, but I think we are going to lose two of them very soon, and my guess is that at least one of the others won't take long to join them. Grandpa John always said he would be happy to see you both reach manhood, Nana Sheila is very ill so I think they will go close together. Grandpa Paul is also very weak. When he dies I think Nana Elise will come and live here, she lighthouse russian lolita bbs is as fit as a fiddle so I don't see her going yet. Katelyn and her will have loads of fun looking after us men."Paul and Mike became very sober after that. They both remembered the huge tranches of love their grandparents had lavished on them all their lives. The first month they were home they did do a little visiting to their old friends, particularly the two ranches where they had known such joy as kids, but their grandparents were the centre of their lives, even sleeping over there sometimes.Nana Sheila went first with Grandpa John following within 24 hours. They were buried together in a family plot on the ranch. The graves had hardly had time to be filled in before Grandpa Paul went to join them. Nana Elise was amazing."I think I had better hang around for a few more years, just to make sure that my grandsons are settled and that you and Jack are free white lolita tgp being looked after properly as well."Darren had got very emotional seeing the old people die, particularly his own father."Thank you Mom. I guess we had better get a suite of rooms sorted for you here. We can close up your house, just bring with you anything you want.""I don't need anything fancy. A bedroom with a sitting area will be quite enough for me."Jack felt a little guilty about his thoughts. His parents house would be a perfect home for Katelyn and Derek, it was time for Katelyn to look after her husband to the exclusion little lolita 13 yo of everyone else. It would mean a lot less driving for Derek as well if they were in town. A new housekeeper would be required, but that shouldn't pose a problem. When Elise died, they could retire Andy and Raul and give them that house. Paul and Michael could sort out their own management team. If he got it right he thought he would be able to build a house in town for him and Darren so that they too could enjoy some quality time with no other responsibilities.What a long way they had come from the two sixteen year olds, exploring their sexuality and finding a love so great that they had hardly ever had disagreements, and now in their 60s still made love with so much passion it left them breathless. They were lucky of course, they had parents who were understanding, and loved them always. He hoped that his two boys felt the same way. He was so proud of them and knew, in his heart, he was glad they were lovers as well. They would look after each other the same as he and Darren had. He was sure Michael would get the wander lust out of his being fairly quickly and that was when he hoped to slide everything else he planned into place.Jack's assumptions proved correct. Before he was thirty, Mike gave up his travelling and he and Paul settled in to manage the ranch. Nana Elise died during this period to be buried alongside her husband. Jack and Darren had built their house and the year after Nana's death moved into it.Raul and Andy remained on for several more years before retiring to Paul and Elise's old house. Katelyn and Derek settled into town easily, but Kate was a frequent visitor at the ranch, making sure that her two boys were being looked after properly.Michael and Paul. Well, their lives followed a remarkably similar path to their two dads. The love they had for each other from birth never wavered. "I'll love you forever," wasn't just words, it was the reality of their lives.John's history of the Double M became a never ending tomb. Michael's love of writing was put to good use as he continued it where his grandfather had finished. THE END ***************************************************************************** I truly enjoyed writing this story, which is probably why it has turned into a 50,000 word epic. I would love to hear from you if you enjoyed my ramblings, and if you didn't, why you didn't.Chris Johns, at home in Antigua.
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Saturday, April 28th 2012

12:00 AM

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